Today was the day!   I did some last tweaking of language and images and let friends family, and social media have at the site.  I’m so thankful for the kind words and early purchases by supporters.  I welcome all feedback and appreciate comments on individual photos as well as the site as a whole.  I hope you will share the link with your friends and that you will find something you’d like as a print or card.

All the photos are like children to me, but here’s the one that inspired me to build the site.   I remember the day and place I took the photo – a summer morning at Celery Farms Nature Preserve in New Jersey.   But, more than this memory, the photo I ended up with takes me on a journey and opens my curiosity every time I see it.   I hope it draws you in as well.


Soft launch ready

After two days of fits and starts, the site has finally achieved basic functionality.  Boy, was this not simple.  nevertheless, I’m excited to share the site with you and look forward to everyone’s comments, questions and feedback on the photos and the site itself.

Welcome to my site!

We’re just under construction now.  Please check back soon to see galleries of photography for sale.   After years of friends and family nudging and suggesting, I’m happy to be sharing the images I’ve captured with you.  I’ll look forward to your feedback.  Thanks,

Craig Weisz

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