A successful photograph captures a mood, tells a story, and opens a conversation in your mind.  I hope I’ve succeeded in this art photography mission just a little bit and offered you some sources of inspiration you might take with you.

Purchase any of these fine art photographs in a variety of display-quality print sizes & styles, or greeting cards.  Click on any photo tile to bring up a view of the full image, and then click on the links below each picture for ordering (Or contact me for custom ordering, framed work, canvas, aluminum, etc. or just to ask a question).  Send an e-card free! Thank you for your interest.

(**The website is currently awaiting repair of gallery functionality.  However, I can still deliver custom prints of any image you enjoy.  Please be in contact with any questions, comments, or ordering requests.  Thanks.   -Craig      crweisz@mac.com **)

 New Additions


City and Sea


 High-quality print fulfillment by Fotomoto.

Special thanks to my web-guru Patt Leger at TheGeekInYourPocket.

Please contact me with any questions about the photography or the website at crweisz@mac.com.

7 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Such beautiful photos. I enjoyed looking at them and thinking of what was going on in your mind as you took them. I believe that an artistic outlet adds such dimension to life. I’m currently learning to paint with acrylics. It frees the soul and takes me to a different place. I’m wishing you the best with new venture…D

  2. Hi Craig,

    I love seeing your beautiful photos. I’m especially drawn to the sunrise/sunset shots. So many of the photos are beautifully composed and scenes I love nature and in life. I’ll check back often, and order one if I have a particular gift to give. My walls at home are full.
    Love to to you, Debra, Emmett, and Hannah Mathilda.

  3. Hi Craig:

    So glad to see some of your photography as you have had a camera in your hands since age 3, I believe. I think the work is very beautiful and am going to share it with John as well. Keep it up. Love, Annelle

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