A successful photograph captures a mood, tells a story, and opens a conversation in your mind.  I hope I’ve succeeded in this mission just a little bit and offered you some sources of inspiration you might take with you.

Purchase any of these photographs in a variety of display-quality print sizes & styles, or greeting cards.  Click on any photo tile to bring up a view of the full photograph, and then click on the links below each picture for ordering (Or contact me for custom ordering, framed work, canvas, aluminum, etc.).  Send an e-card free! Thank you for your interest.

 New Additions



City and Sea



 High-quality print fulfillment by Fotomoto.

Special thanks to my web-guru Patt Leger at TheGeekInYourPocket.

Please contact me with any questions about the photography or the website at crweisz@mac.com.

7 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Such beautiful photos. I enjoyed looking at them and thinking of what was going on in your mind as you took them. I believe that an artistic outlet adds such dimension to life. I’m currently learning to paint with acrylics. It frees the soul and takes me to a different place. I’m wishing you the best with new venture…D

  2. Hi Craig,

    I love seeing your beautiful photos. I’m especially drawn to the sunrise/sunset shots. So many of the photos are beautifully composed and scenes I love nature and in life. I’ll check back often, and order one if I have a particular gift to give. My walls at home are full.
    Love to to you, Debra, Emmett, and Hannah Mathilda.

  3. Hi Craig:

    So glad to see some of your photography as you have had a camera in your hands since age 3, I believe. I think the work is very beautiful and am going to share it with John as well. Keep it up. Love, Annelle

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